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We know how important your filament is so we ship the same day of your purchase.

3D Printing Filaments Vivid Colours


A wide range of colours available in 3mm and 1.75m 3D printing filaments.

3D Printing Filaments Tolerance


We use quality resin with tight tolerances, 100% Guaranteed.

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3D Printing Filaments

Quality Assured

When only use quality resin to make our PLA filaments. Both our 3mm and 1.75mm PLA filaments are laser tested for tight tolerance and quality. If you are not happy with our filaments then we offer a no quibble refund but inist you send the filament back so we can test it to resolve future problems.

Our filaments are manufactured to the highest standards ensuring quality roundness and consistency. We manufacture to ± 0.1mm giving you excellent quality prints eliminating problems and creates no damage to your 3D printer.

your printer may have very active cooling, if so it may be necessary to extrude at a slightly higher temperature for optimal results.

3d printing filaments

3d printing filaments

Diameter and Colour Environmental friendly

Our PLA (Poly Lactic Acid) is plant bases and is derived from plant starch and not fossil fuels and is biodegradable. PLA also does not produce a bad smell like ABS plastic filaments. PLA has a low melting strength allowing it to be easily shaped when printing creating a shinning surface with bright color.

Whatever extruder your 3D printer has we have the filament for you! Our filaments come in 3mm and 1.75mm diameter meaning they will fit any printer extruder. Our PLA filaments also come in a wide range of colours from black to bright orange.

Machine Compatibility

Our PLA filaments work on all 3D desktop printers providing your machine is able to take PLA*. These printers include the popular Makerbot Replicator, Solidoodle, Ultimaker, Printrbot and many more.

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3D Printing News

With the popularity growing with 3D Printing and emails from our customers we have set up a questions and answers section to help users with 3D Printing. If you have any experience of 3D Printing please sign up and help others with the basic concepts of 3D Printing.

Welcome to our brand new website! After months of hard work we are finally going live, here at 3D Plastics we are selling a great range of PLA plastic filament for desktop 3D Printers. Our filament comes in 1.75mm and 3mm diameter, and in a wide spectrum of colours. We have taken our time in…